WE ARE OPEN AT OUR NEW LOCATION 5718 State Road 46 West, Nashville, IN 47448! IN BEAUTIFUL BROWN COUNTY! (GPS 5714 State Road 46 West, Nashville, IN for better accuracy.)

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Zoo’Opolis ticket structure:

2 year old and younger no charge.

$15.00 – Beginner – You will be able to pet and feed many gentle animals including exotics. This includes close interactions with peacocks, african sulcata tortoise, patagonia mara, wallabies, muntjac deer, etc. You will also feed and interact with common farm animals including alpacas, goats, sheep, donkey, horse, and more.

$35.00Advanced -Includes interactions with approximately 35 animal species. You will enjoy up close interactions, holding animals including chinchillas, skunks, prairie dogs, and lemur. Feed a Zebra, and touch various reptiles and large parrots, etc. This also includes all the animals in Beginner package. Fantastic choice for all ages.

$65.00Animal Ambassador Training Program – You will experience even closer interaction with animals! Interact freely with all animals including Timber wolf, Leopard Bengal cats, coatimundis, and red fox. As an Ambassador Trainer, you will go into all animal habitats. This also includes the animals in the Advanced and Beginner packages. If you LOVE animals and REALLY want to interact to the fullest, this is the option for you!
After choosing your date/time, check your EMAIL.  Shortly, you will receive back a confirmation EMAIL. (Please read the confirmation there is a lot of good information)

Book an appointment with Zoo'Opolis

Note: We are closed ALL Monday’s & Tuesday’s. We cannot guarantee which animals are on exhibit at all times.

The animals look forward to playing with you!

Zoo’Opolis is OPEN Wednesday – Sunday——Sessions are: 11am-1:30pm & 2:30pm-5pm

CLOSED Monday & Tuesday