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Our Red Fox, Keenan, was born March 8th 2017.  He came to us when he was   5 weeks old. He has always been such a sweetheart.

Keenan frequently goes with us when we travel, Zoo’Opolis ON THE ROAD. Keenan loves to be petted on his head, have his ears scratched and the white on his chest rubbed.

We walk him on a leash for exercise. He has access to his outdoor habitat and his den from inside our facility.

Keenan loves stuffed animals and small balls to play with! His best friends are another Silver Fox, Timber Wolf, Raccoons, and lets’s not forget our dogs.

Foxes are mainly nocturnal but are out and about during the day as well.  Here at Zoo”Opolis guests go into Keenan’s habitat to play, pet and take lots of pictures with him! He loves the attention!

Interesting facts:

These cute awesome animals are not just small dogs.  They are hyper vigilant at attaining things for themselves and keeping them just for themselves.  Foxes don’t share. Their urine smells exactly like a skunk! Foxes urinate on their food and in their water all day long so that no other animal will want it and they just saved it for themselves.  Pretty smart if you don’t mind your own urine!

Foxes have a long history of association with humans. Too small to pose a threat to humans, they have extensively benefited from the presence of human habitation, and has successfully colonized many suburban and urban areas.  Years of domesticated breeding of the red fox in Russia has resulted in the domesticated red fox. They cost $8,000 and come fixed.  Foxes live about 14 years in captivity comparable to domestic dogs. However, in the wild foxes rarely live more than a couple of years. In rural areas where lethal fox control is applied, up to 80% of fox population is less than 1 year old.

Donations are accepted for our foxes.  Meat, venison, chicken, tennis balls/small balls and stuffed animals are appreciated!