Zoo’Opolis Exotic Petting World

Reserve Your Adventure!

Open 11AM – 5:30PM

AM session: 11AM – 1:30PM
PM session: 2:30PM – 5:00PM
Wednesday – Sunday.

Open Year Round ~ Rain or Shine


Adults $33 (16+)
Child – $22 (3 – 15)
2 yrs and younger – Free!

Note: There is a 10 yr old age limit on some of the exhibits.

Questions or Tickets?


(812) 764-4980

You will receive a confirmation text back which will be important you read.

Zoo’Opolis Where the Animals Play with You!

Here’s our Red Fox, Keenan

Zoo’Opolis on Channel 8 News

Tour All Our Animal Filled Habitats!

Zoo’Opolis Exotic Petting World is an Educational, Hands On, Interactive Zoo! We have over 100+ Animals & over 40 Different Species including Reptile Kingdom! Many of our animals were rescued We are Open Year Round and have a 3,000 Heated/Air Conditioned Square Foot Facility where most Exotic Animals Live.

Meet Our Animals!

Come and play with all our friendly animals, and take all the photos and videos you’d like!

We encourage memories!

Pet our Zebra, and Raccoons, our Red Fox, Australian Wallabies, Patagonia Mara’s, De-scented Skunks, Coatimundi, Muntjac Deer, Prairie Dogs, Leopard Bengal Cats/Kittens, Chinchillas, Sugar gliders, Hedgehogs, and our gentle Timber Wolf.

Our more common pets for you to enjoy include Goats, Miniature donkeys, Pigs, Jacob four horned sheep, Russian Sevastopol Geese, Guinea Fowl, Fantastic Peacocks, Cuddly Rabbits, Gamble Quail, Snowflake Bob White Quail, and Cuzco our kissing Alpaca.

We have talkative birds, an African Gray, Blue & Gold Macaw, Mustache Parrot, Sun Conures, and lovable talking Cockatoos. Just waiting to see you!